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I ask that you please read my website before contacting me so that there are no surprises, and you know what to expect. It contains important information like; my preferred contact methods, services I offer, days and hours of availability and so on. Think of it as a “speed date” … I am basically telling you my likes and dislikes before you have spoken even one word to me.

Please use my preferred contact method (email). Be a gentleman, respectful, courteous, and polite. Introducing yourself, stating a desired booking duration, date, and time along with any specific service or fetishes you are looking for, and letting me know where you found my ad is usually more than sufficient for first contact.

I do not take bookings from Private Numbers. I have set up my phone so that it blocks these numbers, so if you are calling from a private number the call will not be answered. This is for my security and to also help filter genuine enquiries.

Using graphic descriptions or vulgar and offensive language is entirely inappropriate whilst making booking arrangements and it will result in me ignoring you and blacklisting your number. Do not turn your first contact into an email, text, or phone sex session. It will result in me ignoring you and blacklisting your number.

If you are looking for a specific fantasy or service, always confirm with me beforehand if I will provide the service you desire. Please do not wait to ask when the booking is underway.

I put a lot of time and effort in for each booking therefore I prefer bookings made in advance. Occasionally I will have availability change at short notice due to my other job so send me a text if you are wanting a booking. 

For longer bookings and/or special requests it is preferable for me to have 24-hour notice.

Interstate and International bookings require full pre-payment. This can be done by Beemit. These bookings also require a minimum notice of 72 hours. 

Outcall appointments are only available to minimum 4-star hotels, not to private residences. Depending on location, a driver’s fee may apply.

I will cease to reply to your correspondence if you try and negotiate rates with me. Rates are not negotiable regardless of what other ladies are charging. It speaks ill of you and I find it rude and offensive. If you have been previously black listed, but you are eager to redeem yourself, you will be asked to send a photo of your ID, and a 50% deposit. 


This is the same as preparing for any other “date”. You should be freshly showered, shaved, brush your teeth, use mouthwash and deodorant. Look your best so that I can enjoy you as much as you will enjoy me! If you have come straight from work, I will always ask that you have a shower on arrival. We can do this together if it would make you feel at ease.

Give yourself plenty of time so you are not late for your booking - nobody likes to wait! If your booking is an in-call remember to be discreet and respect my privacy. I will do the same. If you are visiting me and you are a little early do not be indiscrete and linger around in front of my apartment. By all means send me a text and see if I am ready for you.

Being under influence of drugs or alcohol will be a huge turn off for me, as well as, have a negative impact on your performance. I will refuse a booking and blacklist you if you appear intoxicated or under influence of drugs so, just don’t.

If I am visiting you make sure your accommodations are neat and you have clean sheets and fresh towels. This will make me feel secure and relaxed. Also make sure you do not have any surprise guests during my visit. This will result in the booking being promptly ended and other local working girls will also be alerted.

If you plan on offering a drink, do not insist if I refuse and if I accept make sure it is in a sealed bottle and you open or pour it in front of me.


Get the business out of the way early so we can both focus on pleasure. Common practice is to have the correct amount ready discreetly handed to me or placed in an obvious location in an unsealed envelope. I will offer you a shower, to freshen up; allowing me to check everything is in order. Once business is out of the way there is usually some friendly chit chat to help break the ice and confirm your desires, and my boundaries.

After the business side of things is taken care of, you will be asked to shower.  You will be given freshly laundered towels and a sealed gift bag containing soap, deodorant and mouth wash. These are for you to use and you are welcome to keep. Please make use of these items during your visit. 

Communication is important, so if there is something you want to try, or if you want me touching you in a certain way please make sure you let me know. The more you are turned on, the more turned on I will be.

It is not uncommon you are having such a great time that you want it to last just a little longer. Sometimes, if I have no other previous arrangements, I may be able to extend your stay. Do not ruin the good atmosphere by making me have to ask for my extended booking fee and take care of the payment before the extension.

My availability is limited and booking preference is given to gentleman who are respectful and provide the required info for bookings.


When you make a good connection with an escort it is quite common that you will become a “regular”. If this happens your connection gets even better, and even greater pleasures await. You can become “somehow special” and I will look forward to seeing you again but, do not get carried away and make of it something that it is not. Please only contact me if you want to make a booking.

As much as I might enjoy your company it is still only a beautiful business arrangement - not a relationship.

For safety and comfort for us both, please maintain a high level of hygiene.

Do not ask for unsafe sexual services (It is illegal to ask)

Do not be under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol.

For priority attention please include as much detail as possible about yourself and the required services

If you do a “no show” without any prior warning you will be blocked. Being placed in this list will not only make it impossible to secure a booking with me in the future but I will also alert other ladies throughout the industry.


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